Hi, I'm Joanna and I am a qualified Relationship Therapist, having completed my M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology in 2003 at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada.

I have practised as a registered teacher in Canada and New Zealand, I qualified as a teacher in Wellington NZ, in 1984 and I have an extensive background in counselling youth and adults on both an individual and a family therapy basis. I also worked as a youth-care worker within the school setting and then worked as a behavioural consultant in New Zealand. I took a two- year program in Integrated Body Psychotherapy in 2001-2003 in Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island.


I have worked as a therapist in the specialty area of sexual abuse for 5 years. I recently took a course in Family Therapy facilitated by Dr Rick Whiteside of The Family Therapy Association of NZ. I have also become a certified sex therapist (Qualified in Auckland with STNZ in 2012) and in 2013 I took a course with Dr. Marty Klein, who is a well-known sex therapist in the USA. I have also had clinical supervision with Robyn Salisbury Staying in Love, The top secrets of great relationships (2012). More recently I attended a workshop summit presented by Julie and John Gottman and Dan Siegel (see an article on Julie and John's work here.) Lastly, I would like to mention that am trained in biofeedback, anxiety and other trauma related symptoms and use these with my clients who suffer from anxiety.

If you are looking for individual therapy or relationship support I invite you to contact me and we can discuss setting a up a personal face to face appointment or Skype consultation.

I hold dual citizenships in my birthplace, New Zealand, and Canada where my two children were born. I regard both countries as "home". For relaxation I have expanded my love of the outdoors to include photographing scenes and objects from nature and was recently invited to exhibit some of my work in a Wellington gallery. Opera and movies provide additional diversions from my day to day work as a Therapist.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Registered clinical counsellor with BCACC